Zed Run announces partnership with NASCAR

  • The partnership could include venues and broadcast activities
  • Zed Run is a digital horse racing platform that launched in early 2019
  • Last month, Zed Run's owner Virtually Human Studio raised $20 million in a Series A round

Zed Run announced a partnership with NASCAR to release NASCAR-branded digital horses on the blockchain-based racing platform.

Zed run plans to develop a series of NASCAR-branded horses

The two parties are still finalizing details, but this partnership could include venues and broadcast activities for Zed Run and possible future appearances by teams, drivers, and track IP in Zed Run’s digital universe. For starters, Zed Run will develop a series of NASCAR-branded horses.

NASCAR’s chief digital officer Tim Clark said he first approached Zed Run executives earlier this year when the startup was experiencing explosive growth amid a wave of interest in blockchain applications. Clark said he was on the phone with nearly 40 vendors or potential partners in this emerging category, but the racing organization decided against partnering with others to bring NFT products to market quickly.

Zed Run on the other hand already had partnered with Atari and Stella Artois and stated it is excited to push forward with NASCAR whose focus on innovation and blockchain gaming will drive communities to enter the metaverse together.

What is Zed Run?

Zed Run is a digital platform for horse racing. It hosts several events every hour, seven days a week. Owners pay an entry fee – usually between $2 and $15 – to run their horses to compete against others for prize money.

The platform’s creators call their horses “breathing NFTs” because these horses are NFTs that actually take on a life of their own. The platform launched in early 2019 with horses selling for as little as $30. Horses are now selling on the secondary market for over $150,000,

Last month, Zed Run’s owner, Virtually Human Studio, announced a $20 million Series A round funded by The Chernin Group and Andreesen Horowitz. At the time, the company said it was planning “deeper partner integration.” This happened around the same time Zed Run auctioned off 20 Atari horses for a total of $410,000.

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