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VET Technical Analysis – ATL (All-Time Low)

VeChain's native asset VET has taken a large hit alongside the rest of the market on…
Market Analysis

BCH Technical Analysis – Upcoming Halving

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) forked from the original Bitcoin blockchain has an upcoming halving in 9 days.…

Predicting Bitcoin’s Next Highs

Technical analysis is a tool that traders use, that simply uses historical data to predict future price action. With the…

Latest Bitcoin BTC News

Bitcoin BTC News

2009 Bitcoin miner proves Craig Wright is a liar

Craig Wright Craig Wright has claimed multiple times that he indeed is Satoshi Nakamoto himself only…
Bitcoin BTC News

Private gold ownership may become illegal

Safe Haven Given the current economic environment with the pandemic hitting most businesses and impending global…
Bitcoin BTC News

Satoshi may have moved their first Bitcoins since inception

Satoshi Nakamoto, the globally-renowned creator of the world’s first crypto-asset to reach mass adoption: Bitcoin may…
Bitcoin BTC News

Bitcoin is getting halved for the third time

Bitcoin has been the talk of the town in recent weeks, from retail to institutional interest.…
Bitcoin BTC News

Paul Tudor Jones’s fund has as much as $400m allocated to Bitcoin

Legendary trader Paul Tudor Jones (PTJ) has stated that Bitcoin reminds him of Gold in the…
Bitcoin BTC News

Square’s Cash App registers record Bitcoin sales in first quarter

Square & Crypto Square has been deeply embedded in the world of cryptocurrencies and also trying…
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