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Bitcoin registers new all time high, bulls push price to $19,864

After a severe bear market that last for close to four-years, Bitcoin has finally registered a brand new all-time high making the previous $19,750…

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Thinking like a successful investor

This episode talks about the mindset and framework successful investors use to analyse market conditions to…

Trading Crypto Futures

Futures are the most liquid and versatile market to trade crypto (BTC, ETH, XRP & Alts).…

Bitcoin’s price will rise, but not from the halving

This episode covers: Bitcoin Halving Mining Economics 2013 vs 2017 vs 2020 Monetary Policy Institutional Investments

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Only 5% of Ripple’s clients are US-based

Ripple & CNN Interview The announcement in October from top-executives that Ripple is considering relocating its headquarters from San Francisco to a…

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SEC Commissioner calls for Wyoming model on regulatory innovation

SEC & Santander Conversation In conversation with Managing Director of Santander Bank John Whelan as part of the two-day ‘Ethereum in the…

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PayPal CEO advocates for cohesion on crypto-regulatory issues

PayPal’s Perspective In an online web summit titled ‘The Cashless Era’, CEO of payments giant PayPal, Dan Schulman advocated for a unification…