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Market Analysis

XLM Technical Analysis – Bullish breakout

XLM has been setting new lows ever since price peaked at $1 at the start of…
Market Analysis

ICX Technical Analysis – Where will price find demand?

Icon (ICX) found support and reversed the bearish trend from the initial ICO price of $0.11.…

Predicting Bitcoin’s Next Highs

Technical analysis is a tool that traders use, that simply uses historical data to predict future price action. With the…

Latest Bitcoin BTC News

Bitcoin BTC News

Bitcoin hashflag on Twitter

Twitter just added a hashflag for Bitcoin as announced in Jack Dorsey’s tweet. A hashflag is…
Bitcoin BTC News

NASDAQ to list BTC futures

Bitcoin futures contracts have been introduced by many traditional finance institutions, including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange…
Bitcoin BTC News

Highly anticipated Bitcoin options have arrived

Derivatives products have been being developed for Bitcoin since 2017 when we first saw Bitcoin futures…
Bitcoin BTC News

Chinese Bitcoin miners forced to scale down operations

The majority of Bitcoin mining is done by mining pools; multiple miners who work together to…
Bitcoin BTC News

Bakkt appoints new CEO

Bakkt's launch, the new digital assets trading platform for institutions run by the InterContinental Exchange (ICE),…
Bitcoin BTC News

Coinbase CEO gets patent to send BTC via e-mail

A major hurdle to global cryptocurrency adoption is the tedious process one has to go through…
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