Terms & Conditions

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Refund Policy

Everything you need to know about our refund policy.

Nothing damages user trust more than a deceptive refund policy. So we’ve made sure ours is simple and transparent. We strive to keep our members happy but, if things don’t work out, you can easily cancel your subscription. 

We only offer refunds for annual subscription plans. If you are a member with an annual subscription, we’re happy to refund you for any unused months. 

If you are an annual subscriber and your membership is terminated due to breached Terms of Service and/or Community Code of Conduct, a 50% administration fee will be applicable on any remaining balance that is due.   

We don’t offer refunds on monthly subscriptions, as our services and content are available and usable immediately upon sign up. 

When appropriate, we process refunds immediately, but please keep in mind that the exact processing time will vary depending on your payment method:

  • PayPal refunds take between 24-48 hours to process.
  • Credit card refunds take between 7-10 business days to process (the exact processing time will depend on your credit card issuer).
  • Crypto wallet refunds will process within 24-48 hours.

For refund requests, please contact [email protected] and provide details of your request. 

It is also necessary to note that if we have terminated your membership due to breached Terms of Service and/or Community Code of Conduct, you will not be entitled to a refund for the remaining subscription period.