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Verified Twitter accounts pushing BAYC, MAYC owners into phishing attacks

25 Mar 2022 : 07:45
2 min read
  • A Twitter user was scammed for NFTs including BAYC, MAYC, etc. worth over $500K
  • This user was victim of a face airdrop promoted by a verified verified user on Twitter with ENS bhawana.eth
  • Similar incidents have been on a rise as another user lost 3 BAYCs to a scam website also promoted by verified users on Twitter

In a series of tweets, Cryptonary noticed a surge in angry NFT enthusiasts who have lost their Bored Ape Yacht Club, and other vital NFTs through phishing attacks that have been initiated and promoted by verified Twitter accounts. It seems that a number of these scammers have been continuously targeting valuable NFT owners. 

Verified Twitter users promoting scam giveaways

As revealed by a Twitter @zachxbt, there has been a number of instances in which NFT holders have lost their valuable tokens by participating in scam giveaways. An account on the social media platform by the name of bhawana.eth which later changes its name to Bhawana Ghimire (@BhawanaCAN) had scammed a number of investors by promoting a fake airdrop, ripping off 500k worth of NFTs (BAYC, MAYC, & more) from a user. 

It seems that losing half a million dollars has had a great impact on the NFT community on Twitter. It is important to note that the verified user who promoted the airdrop actually deleted all the tweets related to the topic following a huge backlash from users. 

Word of caution

@zachxbt also pointed out that there was another person who had lost around 3 BAYC NFTs worth over a million dollars. The scammers phished the user through a new BAYC animation phishing site as per the tweet from the user. 

Following this event, @zachxbt who claims to be a survivor of 10 rug-pulls asked users to “stop connecting your wallet & approving transactions on random sites” and “always triple check the site you are connecting your wallet to so you don’t become the next victim.”

In a March 22 tweet, @zachxbt also pointed out 2 similar websites that were being promoted on the social media platform and wonders if all these websites are being handled by the same user. 

Cryptonary is publishing this article for readers to know that these scammers keep making new sites and accounts on Twitter.

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