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Top 10 stocks including Tesla to trade on FTX

  • FTX introduces stocks on its crypto-exchange
  • Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Facebook and more will become tradable on the platform
  • They will be listed against BTC and stablecoins


FTX saw its debut last year mainly as a crypto-derivatives platform launched by Alameda Research. In less than two years, it became one of the most relevant exchanges simply due to innovation and speed of delivery. They have introduced unique products to the crypto-community such as leveraged tokens, the ability to bet on the US elections and many more. Now they are introducing stocks.

Stocks on FTX

Through a partnership with the German financial firm CM Equity AG and the Swiss-based Digital Assets AG, FTX will be offering its users the ability to trade a dozen of stocks through its platform. The most popular ones to become available are: Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Facebook and the SPDR S&P500 exchange-traded fund.

Securitised Tokens

Bitcoin has been gaining a lot of attention from the traditional finance side, from legendary investors like Paul Tudor Jones investing in it to Grayscale now owning 2% of the Bitcoin supply. This move by FTX is done in an effort to popularise securitised token listings and grow the crypto ecosystem.

To create more liquidity and open the product to the widest range of users, each token will represent a fraction of a share. Additionally, the stocks will be traded against Bitcoin and against stablecoins.

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