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Solana Solstice 2021: A huge leap for SOL

28 Dec 2021 : 02:33
2 min read
  • Solana team celebrated the Solana Solstice 2021
  • The network has seen a huge surge in TVL since January
  • SOL did not support NFTs in January and now has more than 5 million NFTs

The SOL team celebrated the end of 2021 with the Solana Solstice 2021, elaborating their strengths and weaknesses, pointing out the good, the better, and the best for SOL in 2021, elaborating on the strong points. The SOL team also pointed out that the next year will be much better than the humongous growth and adoption of 2021.

Solana Solstice 2021: a throwback

The SOL team pointed out that the network has seen widespread adoption and usage in 2021. In January 2021, when the year started, the SOL token was new with only 360 global validators. On the other hand, now there are more than 1,331 global validators on the entire network.

The entire SOL network had only 70 projects in January, while right now, the thriving ecosystem has around 5,145 live projects. With the launch of the metaplex, the SOL network was able to host NFT minting. In January, there were zero NFTs, while now, there are nearly 5 million total NFTs on the platform. 

The total value locked in the Solana ecosystem stood at $100 million in January 2021 but pushed way above $11.4 billion as of December 2021. Nearly 1.6 billion of this volume has been staked. 

Compared to January, when the number of transactions was just 10 billion, the number of transactions as of now stands above 45.5 billion. 

Are great announcements coming soon?

The month of December has been rock solid for Solana as well as Allbridge announced a bridge from Fantom to Solana. Furthermore, Mini Royale was the first multiplayer game to be launched on the network. 

“Twitch co-founder Justin Kan launched a gaming NFT marketplace using Solana. And finally, Michael Jordan and his son came to Solana to launch the “Heir” community platform,” said the official blog. 

The Solana team also said that more promising announcements are coming soon and that investors should stay put.

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