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Shiba Inu team enlists former VP of Technology at Activision as consultant for the Shiboshi game

  • Former Vice President of Technology at Activision, William David Volk joined the Shiba Inu team
  • The developers have also struck a deal with a AAA studio to develop a SHIB game
  • The Shiba Inu team is also looking into metaverse and possibilities of a VR

The former Vice President of Technology at Activision, William David Volk, has joined the SHIB team as a consultant and will help the developers roll out a Shiba Inu Games version of the Shiboshi game. The SHIB team has also found an AAA studio “that has worked with the likes of Disney and Warner Bros” to build the game.

The Shiba Inu game

The details of the Shiba Inu game are yet to be released. In a recent tweet, the development lead of the SHIB team, Shytoshi Kusama, teased his Twitter followers, saying that he will “have good news for the #shibarmy this week” and that he is “going back into quiet mode to finish up.”

It seems that Kusama has finished the deal with an undisclosed AAA studio with whom the Shiba Inu team has signed a mutual NDA. It seems that the developers don’t want the platform to be confined to Shiboshi NFTs or the ShibaSwap exchange. 

The expansion of the platform hints that developers are not interested in Shiba’s status as a ‘meme coin’ or the ‘dogecoin killer.’

The former Vice President of Technology at Activision will be responsible for the growth and development of the Shiboshi game and provide his expertise from working in the gaming industry for decades.

“I am honored to be working with an amazing team on what will become one of the most significant games of all time,” said William David Volk.

SHIB Corporation? 

The Shiboshi game will be launched on Android as well as iOS, and Volk, who was behind the release of the first iPhone game, Texas Hold ’em, will be managing the release. Also, according to the Medium post by the project lead of Shiba Inu, the developers are working on the possibilities surrounding metaverse. 

There Shiba Inu developers are discovering the possibilities of a Virtual Reality where the 1 million holders of the SHIB token can interact and enjoy their time.

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