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Ratings Process Report

  • One-stop shop for quick, actionable alpha.
  • Shows all assets Cryptonary researchers are invested in or are considering investing in.
  • Be sure to check out the Cryptonary Take section to find out what we really think…

What’s It About?

The Cryptonary Ratings Guide is the easiest Alpha you’ll ever find.

Divided into categories, we have the top 30 by market cap, free for all to access. The CPro categories are where we are really bullish.

Alpha DAO details all assets we invest in through Alpha DAO, our high risk, high reward journey.

The star of the show, Cryptonary’s Watchlist, details all the assets our researchers have their eye on, and either are invested in, or are considering investing in. This really is the one-stop shop for quick, actionable alpha!

You’ll get a star rating, our view on risks and our take on the protocol. The relevant research reports are linked in the rating, allowing you to dive deeper and decide for yourself.

We are constantly reviewing and updating the information and assets in the guide.

If you want quick and clear alpha, you’ve come to the right place.


How To Navigate

The star rating is an analysis of hundreds of institutional grade objective factors, giving a clear, consistent and comparable rating.

When considering assets, sometimes, the objective view doesn’t account for everything. This is the reason at times, some assets we are less keen on are rated above the bullish ones.

To counter this, we include text sections under “Risk” and “Cryptonary’s Take”, where we give you our subjective and all-encompassing view.

Therefore, the key to navigating our Ratings Guide is to not focus solely on the star rating. Instead, consider the information inside the rating. Reading the “Risk” and “Cryptonary’s Take” sections will tell you what we really think!


Excellent Protocols – Flawed Tokens

At times, we see excellent protocols, that have flawed tokens. This doesn’t mean the token won’t succeed, but it does add considerable risk. This will result in a poor rating, even if the protocol is outstanding.


An example:

LDO (Lido DAO)

Due to their heavy team and treasury focused tokenomic allocation (36.32% of supply to treasury, 63.68% to team, investors and employees), they have 0 stars under tokenomics.

This represents a risk to the protocol, but it doesn’t mean the protocol isn’t excellent, and should the tokens successfully distribute to the community, this could be mitigated to a large extent (however this will take a large amount of time).

This, among other factors like poor token value accrual, gives LDO a poor rating, despite the protocol itself being excellent.




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