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Paxful announces the launch of “La Casa Del Bitcoin” in El Salvador

03 Feb 2022 : 16:23
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  • El Salvador has established La Casa Del Bitcoin, a BTC education center
  • The center will also be the home to the offices of Built with Bitcoin
  • The center is being developed in coordination with Paxful, a P2P lending platform

Paxful, a leading global P2P platform, has confirmed the launch of La Casa Del Bitcoin. It is “a new education and training center in El Salvador providing free and accessible learning opportunities around Bitcoin to build financial inclusion,” as per the official blog of the P2P platform.

Paxful leading BTC adoption

The La Casa Del Bitcoin will also consist of offices of Built With Bitcoin, a humanitarian organization devoted to building infrastructure with BTC. Moreover, the center will be home to a number of meetups where people will be present from around the world. The official blog also stated: 

“The center will provide educational training and events that grow awareness around the benefits of buying and selling Bitcoin as a means of exchange for the local community.”

El Salvador continues to pioneer Bitcoin adoption, and it seems that the nation has no plans on stopping. On the other hand, Paxful’s mission is “to give everyone equal access to finance no matter who they are or where they are.” 

The goal of the center is to “drive the next wave of Bitcoin mass adoption and equip growing segments such as small merchants and local businesses with tools to connect to a global community of users.”

El Salvador taking major steps

Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador has been one of the biggest financial decisions made in the year 2021. On the other hand, the International Monetary Fund has asked the government of El Salvador, headed by Nayib Bukele, to drop BTC as its legal tender. The establishment of La Casa Del Bitcoin seems to be a move towards the other end.

Recently, El Salvador also relaunched the Chivo app that was launched for the citizens of the nation. The relaunched aims to provide better services to the users.

Anisha Pandey

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