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The Ultimate Investment Debate: Gold vs. Bitcoin

February 21, 2023
21 Feb 2023 : 17:07
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Born in the aftermath of a global financial crisis, Bitcoin offers a new vision of a store of value. Its decentralized digital architecture aims to revolutionize money, freeing us from traditional banking and fiat currencies. But as Bitcoin continues to gain momentum, the question arises: can it truly compete with the age-old dominance of gold?

This report compares Bitcoin and gold, analyzing their unique properties, market behavior, and performance as investments. So buckle up and get ready for a ride, as we delve into the ultimate showdown, and outline why we believe Bitcoin will outperform gold by a wide margin in the coming years!

Don’t miss the opportunity to secure your financial future – invest in Bitcoin, but do it wisely!

Disclaimer: Not Financial or Investment Advice. Any capital-related decisions you make are your full responsibility and yours only.


  • Bitcoin is the future of finance, and as such, is a superior store of value.
  • Bitcoin will surpass gold’s performance, not just in 2023 but in the years to come.
  • Don’t miss out on the 2024 Bitcoin Halving! With only 418 days left, it’s time to invest.
  • Our 5-year price target for Bitcoin is $100,000, while we expect Gold to reach $2,400. Meaning that Bitcoin could outperform gold by a staggering 10X!
  • Discover the untold secrets of Bitcoin in this comprehensive report, and find out why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to invest.

The Case for Gold

From ancient kingdoms to modern-day economies, gold has proven its timeless worth as a store of value. Its rarity, beauty, and resistance to corrosion have made it the ultimate symbol of prosperity and security, inspiring countless tales of adventure and discovery.

It has been pursued by conquerors such as Alexander the Great and Philip before 357 BC, leading to wars being fought over this precious metal. Its value has also been proven to hold up in uncertain times such as wars and recessions.

Gold is a monetary asset class that is held by many countries and central banks today as a reserve, to hedge against inflation and devaluation of fiat currencies.

Get ready for a thrilling comparison as we dive into just how magnificent of a store of value gold truly is!

Scarcity: gold has a finite supply. Scientists estimate that mining gold will cease in 2075. If gold was available on every street corner, it wouldn’t be valuable. 

Durability: Gold does not corrode, tarnish, or easily react with other elements. 

Fungibility: Each unit of gold has the same value and is interchangeable with other units of equal weight. This means that 10 grams of gold jewelry is equal in value to another 10 grams of gold jewelry, no matter what form each takes.

Divisibility: Gold can be divided into smaller units without affecting its value. This allows it to be traded in small denominations, making it more accessible.

Portability: It can be easily transported and traded. Although the size and weight of the gold may affect the ease of transportation, there are security risks involved with this.

Liquidity: Gold is used widely and has a long history as an asset, making it relatively easy to buy or sell. However, its physical nature makes the process of converting it to cash less convenient and more time-consuming.

Gold may reign supreme as a dependable store of value, but buckle up, Bitcoin is ready to shake up the game as a revolutionary form of money!

Bitcoin: The new and better Gold

Bitcoin’s decentralized, secure and borderless nature is turning traditional finance on its head. With an annualized return of 230% and a cumulative return of over 200,000%, Bitcoin has proven itself as the best-performing asset of the last decade.

Let’s discover the game-changing potential of this digital wonder!

Busting the myth: “Bitcoin has no intrinsic value!” You might have heard people claim this, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The process of creating Bitcoin requires immense computational power, time and energy. 

The value of Bitcoin is derived from the superior attributes that make it the ideal store of value. The Bitcoin network is the most secure network, powered by blockchain technology. Its strength and security contribute to the value of the asset, as Bitcoin is much more than just a medium of exchange.

Scarcity: This is a defining characteristic of Bitcoin’s value. It has a total supply limited to just 21 million units, with less than 2 million left to be created. This finite supply, combined with increasing demand, reinforces the intrinsic value of each Bitcoin, as no more will be created once the total supply is reached.

Durability: Bitcoin is stored on an open-source decentralized network of computers that are economically incentivized to validate transactions and secure the network. This makes it highly durable. All transaction records are transparent and verifiable on the Bitcoin network.

Fungibility: One Bitcoin is equal to another, regardless of its history or past transactions.

Divisibility: The smallest unit of a Bitcoin is called a Satoshi, which represents 0.00000001 Bitcoin. This allows for flexibility and ease of transacting to a wide range of people, as this can be effected in small amounts.

Portability: Bitcoin is more portable than gold. Since Bitcoin is a digital asset, it can be easily transferred and stored on a digital wallet. Bitcoin can be accessed anywhere in the world by anyone with an internet connection.

Liquidity: Bitcoin is highly liquid, much more so than gold. Bitcoin can be easily bought or sold on exchanges through a mobile phone, allowing for quick and convenient trades. The decentralization and global reach of the Bitcoin network allows for fast and cost-effective transfer of ownership.

Bitcoin’s unmatched properties make it the soundest form of money. Not only is it a superior store of value than gold, but also a seamless medium of exchange. In that respect, it represents a true upgrade in both respects than the precious metal.

Get ready to revolutionize your portfolio

With its superior qualities compared to gold, investing in Bitcoin is not just about potential returns, but also about safeguarding your wealth against financial uncertainties. 

Here’s why we believe everyone should invest in Bitcoin:

1. You are still early: be like the pioneers of tech investing and own Bitcoin before the masses! Only 4.2% of the global population owns cryptocurrencies; the percentage is even lower for Bitcoin individually.

2. Investing in Bitcoin has huge growth potential with its $420 billion market cap, because it represents a mere 0.002% of the total market cap of the stock, bond, and gold markets combined. Its growth is unstoppable, as private and institutional investing is starting to snowball, encouraged by the relentless advancements in blockchain technology.

3. The smart money is also invested in Bitcoin. Leading investors have already jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon, with heavyweights like Elon Musk, Michael Saylor, Gary Silbert, Michael Novagratz and the Winklevoss brothers investing billions in the cryptocurrency.

4. The Bitcoin network boasts robust fundamentals with secure, decentralized, and battle-tested technology. It has 17 million active addresses, over $2.5 billion in fees generated, and more than $49 trillion in trading volume. Additionally, Bitcoin is accepted by over 15,000 businesses worldwide as a form of payment.




5. Bitcoin is officially recognized as a commodity by two of the most prominent financial regulatory bodies, the CFTC and the SEC. The CFTC regulates the U.S derivatives market, while the SEC regulates the U.S securities market. This sets Bitcoin apart from other digital assets and solidifies its status as a reliable, secure, and valuable investment opportunity. With regulatory support, Bitcoin is poised to weather any storms and emerge as a global leader in the cryptocurrency space.

6. Bitcoin has it all! Not only is it the premier store of value and medium of exchange, but with its Lightning network (a secondary layer), it is also capable of running DeFi (decentralized finance) applications and supporting NFTs (similar to Ethereum, Solana, etc.). This makes Bitcoin a triple threat in the digital asset world.

7. The Bitcoin Halving is coming, and it’s the next big thing! The Halving cuts block rewards and reduces the supply. This event happens only once every 4 years. It is known to drive prices up and act as the main catalyst to kick off bull markets. With just 418 days until the next Halving, now’s your chance to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible before the event.



Price projections

One-year forecast:

  • Bitcoin: $35,000
  • Gold: $2,000 per ounce.

Five-year forecast:

  • Bitcoin: $100,000 (market cap: $2 trillion)
  • Gold: $2,400 per ounce (market cap: $16 trillion).

Note: Gold’s annualized returns average 10%, making a 50% increase in 5 years achievable. A $2 trillion market cap is also attainable. The highest market cap previously recorded for Bitcoin was $1.25 trillion.

Bitcoin is projected to outperform gold by over 50% on a yearly basis and by 500% across a five-year span! That’s the 10X we’re talking about!


One-year price forecast returns.

Cryptonary’s Take

Gold is undoubtedly a remarkable store of value, and we are not suggesting otherwise. However, when it comes to the technological advancements of the modern world, Bitcoin holds a distinct advantage in both its properties and its potential for returns.

The potential of Bitcoin to reach multi-trillion dollar levels is evident, and it is expected to gain more market share from Gold. While past performance is not a guarantee of future returns, Bitcoin has demonstrated a strong track record of surpassing Gold’s average 10% annualized return, and we consider that a winning proposition!


The Bitcoin vs Gold chart says it all!

Action Points

  • Accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible before the 2024 Halving.
  • Our long-term target for Bitcoin by 2030+ is $650,000, and we plan to consistently invest $2,500 per month into it through dollar-cost averaging.
  • We prefer to purchase at lower demand levels rather than rapidly dollar-cost averaging, as the potential for further upside has diminished after a 60% rally from the potential bottom. For more details, check out our free weekly technical analysis on Bitcoin.
  • Demand areas to consider:



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