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FTFTX: A new market data platform launched by FTFT subsidiary

03 Jan 2022 : 15:13
2 min read
  • FTFT, a fintech service provider has released a new market data platform
  • The platform is named FTFTX and will take data from major exchanges
  • FTFTX will help investors get the best prices and lowest transaction fees

Future FinTech Group Inc. or FTFT is launching a new crypto market data platform, FTFTX, that will gather data from many exchanges. As per a press release, the goal of the platform is to provide “institutional and individual investors with real-time, high-quality and reliable cryptocurrency market data and aggregate trading information from a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges.”   

FTFTX represents data of major cryptocurrencies

As per the press release from PRNewswire, the blockchain-based e-commerce business and a fintech service provider’s subsidiary FTFT Capital Investments LLC will be responsible for launching FTFTX and will feature market data for Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, TRON, and other currencies. 

The FTFTX platform will be available on Android and iOS devices. Users can also visit the website to get the latest data from major exchanges and access multiple charts. 

“FTFTX collects cryptocurrency and market data, directly linking hundreds of leading venues, markets, and exchanges around the globe and making the data available to users 24 hours a day,” said the release.

The platform includes many features

The FTFTX application, which is freely available on Google Play Store and Apple Store, was officially launched at the Global Distributed Cloud Storage Summit (DCS 2021) held on December 15-17 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre. It provides periodic crypto-related news and “unique and user-friendly” resources for the trading and investment strategies of the users. 

The data from the platform will help investors achieve the most suited buying and selling prices on exchanges, followed by the lowest transaction fees available. 

“By offering robust, secure, and real-time market information, we believe that FTFTX delivers a reliable global platform with aggregated real-time market information that gives participants a superior user experience,” said Ola Lind, Director of FTFT Capital.

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