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Ripple CTO YouTube account suspended

Ripple vs YouTube

Last week one of the largest cryptocurrency companies, Ripple announced that they would be suing YouTube over its failure to address the XRP giveaway scams on its popular media platform. Now the YouTube / XRP saga has taken another twist as the XRP CTO, David Schwartz has had his account suspended by YouTube.

David Schwartz account suspension

Confirming this on his Twitter account David Schwartz stated that his account had been suspended. His account was suspended by YouTube over impersonation. In a follow up tweet, David Schwartz then stated that he has been: “prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts“. The Ripple CTO subsequently questioned whether he would be able to access YouTube at all.

Coil-based platform

Although Ripple’s CTO did not spend much time mourning over the loss of his YouTube account, Schwartz swiftly set up a new account on the rising platform Cinnamon, where he released two videos. Cinnamon is a channel for creators with the ability for anyone to upload videos, like YouTube. Although there are some significant differences between the two platforms: the biggest being that Cinnamon has no advertisements. Cinnamon is also built on Coil, which is a part of the Xpring initiative by Ripple. Coil is focused on changing web monetization, with Coil being potentially disruptive towards YouTube’s operating model.

It appears that the suspension of David Schwartz’s YouTube channel, Coil, and XRP giveaway scams are intertwined.

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