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Wonder raises $2.5 million to help DAOs “take over the world”

16 Nov 2021 : 14:59
Updated : 17 Feb 2022 : 20:05
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  • Wonderverse Inc. announced $2.5 million in benchmark funding just days before its pre-launch
  • Wonder will initially partner with DAOs on Flow, the team behind CryptoKitties
  • A DAO, is an organization that operates transparently without centralized leadership

San Francisco-based Wonderverse Inc. announced $2.5 million in benchmark funding just days before its pre-launch on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

Wonder describes itself as an all-in-one tool designed to increase global access to entrepreneurship and enable DAOs to launch and scale projects on a native Web3 platform. The project raised $2.5 million to make this vision a reality. Investors include Chapter One, Village Global, Slow Ventures, Spartan Group, Lattice Capital, SneakyVC, FJ Labs, Dapper Labs, Basecamp fund, Tess Ventures, 0xSisyphus, Jason Choi, Brian Flynn, Andy Artz, Richard Dai, Chris Quinn, Kipp Bodnar, and Eric Scott Lavin.

“We believe the internet came out with the promise of connecting the world, and while that may have been true, it has come at a cost. Many of these platforms monetize our attention and make people addicted to consuming content instead of creating value,” said Andros Wong, Co-Founder at Wonder.

Wonder wants to offer DAOs the tools they need to grow

Wonder fills the gap in the industry and creates the infrastructure DAOs need to scale by providing task management such as task workflow creation, permissions configuration and transparent coordination between teams. It also helps DAOs set up tasks for onboarding, DAO collaboration, and gamified experiences through token rewards and social mechanisms. In addition, they help with pay and incentives, as Wonderful believes that contributors should be compensated, but value allocation for different tasks should be transparent to ensure fairness.

Wonder will initially work with DAOs on Flow, a blockchain developed by the team behind CryptoKitties. The team said it aims to address the current lack of DAO -specific tools and management in this ecosystem for distributed teams and projects worth billions of dollars.

What is a DAO?

A decentralized autonomous organization, also known as DAO operates transparently without centralized leadership and instead uses community governance around a central mission. Being part of a DAO is becoming increasingly popular in the crypto community and has total assets of around $15 billion. Recently a DAO called the ConstitutionDAO attracted nearly $4 million in donations to buy one of eleven remaining first prints of the United States Constitution.

“DAOs will transform the status quo and be radically collaborative. DAOs are the perfect structure to organize everything from global problems like climate change to a teenager starting a side hustle with his friends. Our long-term vision at Wonder is to empower the next generation of builders, creators, and learners to not only find purpose but to create lasting impact through their projects,” said Adam Hayes, co-founder of Wonder.

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