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Will 300M Telegram users be trading cryptos in-app soon?

27 Aug 2019 : 12:10
2 min read

The messenger-based software solution for trading and buying digital assets, Button Wallet has partnered with Telegram to launch the very first testnet for crypto trading. The messenger app currently has over 300 million users.

The free testing service is already available on the Telegram Open Network (TON) and the Button Wallet is giving away 6.6 TestnetGram tokens for users that are willing to be part of the experiment, the only thing you must do is download the wallet.

A successful testnet could signal a huge change in the crypto space, with people being able to send crypto with a simple click. Button Wallet’s website has listed all the benefits of the service, the most important ones being the following:

  • Send crypto to any friend in Telegram by only needing their username.

  • Exchange crypto to another crypto

  • Buy and sell digital coins

  • Get instant notifications about course rates and transactions on your wallet

  • Use any of your devices with the same account.

Button’s CEO, Safonov, commented on the launching by saying:

“Cryptos’ biggest obstacle is mass adoption and what we’ve created will help people comfortable with trading cryptocurrency without using real money.”

All points to the fact that Facebook is not the only one at the head of the race. If the experiment goes as expected, we may see Telegram taking the Iron Throne of the in-app crypto payments network for mass audiences.

Image licensed via Shutterstock

Michela Silvestri

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