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Weekly cryptocurrency recap: What happened last week?

Every week we will be providing a recap of the biggest stories from the past 7 days…


Coinbase released new features allowing their users access to exclusive stats. Another very popular crypto-exchange, BitMEX, will be investigated by the CFTC to check whether U.S-based customers have been granted unlawful access to the exchange or not. In other news, as discussions revolve about exchanges faking their volumes, a Moscow-based university student is making a living by helping exchanges fake volumes. Another case of controversy comes from the controversial Tether who accidentally printed 5 Billion USDTs.


Facebook has been the talk of the town lately with their new venture: Project Libra. The head of Calibra, David Marcus, went down to Capitol Hill for congressional hearings where we expected certain topics to occupy the main discussions, especially after the Treasury secretary expressed his concerns. On the other hand, as concerns are mainly about AML/CFT, Japan received approval from the FATF to develop a SWIFT-like network for cryptocurrencies.


Santander is one of the earlier banks that leverage the power of blockchain to offer better products to its customers through a partnership with Ripple, and they recently announced an expansion to a new corridor for their One Pay application. On the other hand, PayPal is launching a new product, Xoom that could be Ripple’s biggest competitor. In other news, real estate investments powered by blockchain technology have become a reality today.

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