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Weekly cryptocurrency recap: What happened last week?

Every week we will be providing a recap of the biggest stories from the past 7 days…


The most important obstacle to tackle in order to achieve global adoption is regulating the space. The FATF finally released their regulatory guidanceregarding crypto-assets. In an effort to remain compliant with regulations, Ripple signed a deal with Coinfirm to make XRP FATF compliant, with a twist.


VeChain announced a partnership with none other than Walmart, sending the price up by over 40%. Chainlink announced a partnership with Oracle, shortly after the Google announcement. As we’re speaking of large institutions, Goldman Sachs is looking to follow JPMorgan into the crypto-space. Last but not least, top crypto-exchange Binance is looking to partner with Facebook after they had announced Project Libra. In other news, Brave browser will be integrating Bitcoin Cash, and MakerDAO is now available on MyEtherWallet.

Price Action

XRP recently set a new yearly high at $0.50, a level not visited since November 2018. As the market was strongly moving to the upside, Bitcoin’s market cap reached $200B while only a few months ago the entire cryptocurrency market cap was under $100B. This price surge made Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, likely to earn their place on Forbes list of Billionaires. The latter was offered $1 million by real-estate magnate, Grant Cardone, to speak at his Las Vegas conference.


As Bitcoin saw a $2000 drop in price within a short period of time, top cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, went offline and may have caused some capital losses to clients. Another lesser-known crypto-exchange, Bitrue suffered a hack that may have affected over 90 users, luckily all stolen funds were insured. Last but not least, crypto-exchange Bitsane, suddenly removed users ability to control their funds and may have gotten away with millions of XRPs.

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