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Weekly cryptocurrency recap: What happened last week?

Every week we will be providing a recap of the biggest stories from the past 7 days…


The most dominant crypto-asset registers new yearly highs and multiple factors may be behind the reason rise.

Facebook’s Project Libra

Facebook announced their new cryptocurrency-based project and instantly faced the hard truth of regulatory uncertainty imposed by the world’s most powerful governments, one of which may ban it completely.


Ripple has dominated a good portion of the news this past week. It all began when they bought approximately 10% of MoneyGram. A few days later, CEO Brad Garlinghouse, appeared in front of the public and announced that Ripple is having a “record-breaking” week.

Network News

Multiple network upgrades were announced or took place this week. Ethereum is expected to releasethe genesis block of ETH 2.0 very soon. Ethereum’s competitor, Cardano, has an upcoming upgrade (Shelley) that may affect ADA price. Another dApps platform, Tron, will also undergo a mainnet upgrade soon that will make the network more efficient than it currently is.

Cryptocurrecny Exchanges

After Binance announced the ban coming in September on US customers, Tron users have been requesting Coinbase to list TRX. Coinbase, one of the top exchanges, is yet to respond on that request. On another note, the exchange had recently added a new feature to their mobile application that will enhance the user experience.

Adoption News

Venezuela, a country that has been battling unbelievable levels of inflation, has seen record-highs in BTC trading volumes. Another step towards adoption was taken by Litecoin, that will be giving more value to its users with a new debit card. On another note, a less covered cryptocurrency, ZCash, has announced a partnership that may help it gain a more diversified community.

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