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Warren Buffet’s philantrophy venture enlists Bitcoin billionaire

28 May 2019 : 20:04
2 min read

So you’ve achieved BILLIONAIRE status, but now what? Pledge your wealth for a good cause obviously!

Britain’s youngest and first self-made Bitcoin billionaire, Ben Delo has officially joined “Giving Pledge“. This is certainly not a common humanitarian initiative. The organisation, founded by Warren Buffet as well as Bill and Melinda Gates in 2010, is made up of the most recognised philanthropists on the planet.

By signing the pledge, it means the donor will give half or their total net worth to philanthropic causes -during his life or at the time of death. The initiative has already got the support of 204 wealthy individuals, including Elon Musk,  Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and Mike Bloomberg. The generated funds will be donated to a great variety of causes, from developing a low-cost polio vaccine to global health and incubation of new ideas.

The Bitcoin Billionaire is definitely setting an example inside the crypto space, and he is not the first one! Brian Armstrong, the creator of Coinbase, also joined the initiative a few months ago. Ben Delo’s biggest donation until this date is focused on preventing nuclear war and support communities that were affected by climate disasters.

The entrepreneur has previously supported many NGOs which have focused on using AI to impact humanity in a positive manner. He is betting on the fact that his donations will impact future generations emphatically and is setting an example among crypto billionaires.

Warren Buffet image licensed via Shutterstock

Michela Silvestri

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