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Use Cryptocurrency to Pay for Airbnb Rentals

Cryptocurrency gift card provider Bitrefill has added a service which allows users to now book Airbnb rentals with up to five different cryptocurrencies. The Swedish based firm announced via Twitter on Wednesday that customers would now be able to pay for Airbnb using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash. The company also recently announced cryptocurrency support for Netflix.

Currently, this feature will only be available for US residents. However, it is likely that there will be something similar available in Europe & Asia soon. The development is promising as it signals big names like Airbnb and Netflix are embracing cryptocurrency as legitimate payment option. The significant adoption of new technologies by large companies may encourage other businesses to follow suit.

Recently, many new industry have embraced cryptocurrency, including companies in real-estate and e-commerce. This has provided increased exposure to previously unknown crypto exchanges and companies. In fact, having the option to use cryptocurrency gift cards emphasises the increased visibility of digital asset platforms.

Additionally, it expands trust in the crypto space. This is especially true for people who may have previously been sceptical towards cryptocurrencies. What we are seeing is the slow and steady acceptance of digital assets. They are gradually being seen as more credible and versatile forms of payments.

In fact, people are slowly beginning to understand the underlying value of the currency. Through real-world use cases, users who previously saw the industry as a scam or get-rich scheme are now seeing the advantage of investing in crypto.

Airbnb image licensed via Shutterstock

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