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UK Data Protection Agency ask Project Libra for further clarity

06 Aug 2019 : 11:35
2 min read

In light of recent attention to public privacy and redefined GDPR regulations, the Information Commissioner’s Office for the United Kingdom have requested additional information from the Libra Association with connection to how their data will be managed. The request from the Commissioner’s Office reaches out to all 28 supposed partners to request their role in Libra and what they will do with any personal data that is received via Libra.

With Facebook’s recent practices with personal user data very much in the spotlight, multiple significant figures around the world have voiced their concerns. These have been both connected to Libra being treated as a new currency and Facebook’s data management practices.

While there is acknowledgement that Libra have begun discussions with various financial bodies, the lack of publicly available key data is a concern to the Office. With senior figures from various countries asking for Facebook to further increase transparency of the project, ahead of its scheduled launch next year, there seems to be an increasing cloud of uncertainty to whether or not this will go ahead on schedule…if at all.

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