Twitter users want Tesla to accept Dogecoin

  • Musk asks Twitter users if Tesla should accept Dogecoin
  • Over 70% of the respondents wants the electric car manufacturer to adopt the cryptocurrency
  • Tesla already accepts BTC as payment for its cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has always been a fan of Dogecoin (DOGE). His company already accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment, and he asked the Twitterverse if DOGE should become an option too. The move has received positive backing from most of the respondents.

Musk asks Twitter users if Tesla should accept Dogecoin

The billionaire inventor and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has never hidden his praise for Dogecoin. It is one of the leading cryptocurrencies globally, and Musk might be considering accepting it as a form of payment for his electric vehicles.

Musk launched a poll on Twitter earlier today, asking Twitter users if they want Tesla to accept DOGE as a means of payment. At the time of this report, 77.1% of the respondents are in support of the move, while 22.9% don’t like it. The poll is still open for the next 17 hours.

Tesla is one of the most valuable companies in the world. It already accepts Bitcoin as payment for its electric vehicles and is one of the leading companies with BTC holdings. Tesla reportedly holds $2.5 billion worth of bitcoins as of last quarter, despite selling $272 million worth of BTCs.

DOGE price dipped in recent days

DOGE has been one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies so far this year, rising by over 5,000 since the start of 2021. However, it is down by nearly 40% since reaching an all-time high above $0.70 last week. The cryptocurrency dipped to the $0.4 level after Musk’s Saturday Night Live show this weekend. It has recovered a bit and is now trading just above $0.50

If Tesla accepts DOGE, it would be the first major company to accept the cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

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