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Tron founder, Justin Sun, bids farewell to the blockchain-based platform

17 Dec 2021 : 16:55
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  • Tron blockchain's founder has left the platform and plans to enter politics
  • Justin Sun has been appointed as Grenada's Ambassador to the World Trade Organization
  • Sun will represent Granada's interests to the Organization and

Tron blockchain founder Justin Sun is leaving the blockchain-based platform and plans to go political. A report reveals that Sun’s departure from the firm is due to his wish of “legitimization in Latin American countries.” The adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender by El Salvador in the month of September has inspired Sun to embark on this new journey, leaving Tron to the TRX community.

Tron belongs to the token holders

The founder of the blockchain network revealed a number of things in a series of tweets followed by an open letter to the entire TRX community. “The TRON blockchain protocol is now essentially decentralized,” said the report. 

“Henceforth, I have no doubt that the TRON network is sufficiently self-sustainable as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO),” said Justin Sun in his open letter.

The network is decentralized, which means that the “original three nodes, ‘justinsuntron,’ ‘BitTorrent,’ and ‘µTorrent,’ have officially withdrawn from TRON’s ranks of super representatives this month,” leaving only 27 super representatives that are chosen by the community of Tron blockchain network.

“Having completed its historical mission of establishing a DAO for the community, the TRON Foundation has settled to dissolve itself on July 25, 2021,” the letter said.

Sun stated that he is not out of the crypto sphere but wants the industry to have a ‘harmonized relationship’ with regulatory authorities.

Joining Grenada’s government

Sun has left Tron and is now joining Grenada’s government as an official Ambassador to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. He will be responsible for representing the nation’s full interests in front of the World Trade Organization and “fight for the interests of developing countries, and promote the development of the blockchain industry and digital economy to the World Trade Organization.”

Sun is definitely not abandoning Tron as he still believes in its potential. Sun said in his open letter that he would be watching the blockchain platform’s growth from the sidelines.

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