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Tokenised property trading is now possible thanks to Algorand

17 Sep 2019 : 15:20
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Asset Block is one of the leading startups in the field of security tokens. The real estate-related initiative is now officially launching a new platform for property trading that are linked with the company’s blockchain. Trading commercial properties is an activity that seems crazy for many but is now a reality. The company announced today that investors will be able to trade different potential commercial spaces in the Algorand Blockchain.

Described by its creators as:

raising the bar with their decentralized permission-less pure proof-of-stake protocol, with top-notch performance and scalability”,

Algorand is all about innovation.  The blockchain is allowing Asset Block and many other companies to access high performing investment opportunities as well as lowering the fees of buying and selling properties. Asset Block, specifically, is giving clients a space for evaluating private securities markets and other global investments.

On their Medium blog, the company confirmed that:

Whether you are offering real estate investment opportunities, managing a supply chain, controlling intellectual property, or even breeding cute cartoon cats, the need for tokenization becomes readily apparent as soon as you have an asset you need to track, manage or trade”.

Even though investors cannot exchange their $ALGO tokens for real estate stakes just jet, it will be available very soon. Tokenised properties may be ready in mid-October, alongside some additional security measures and more efficient network speeds. We are excited to see what this team has to offer in the months to come!

Image c/o Asset Block Medium

Michela Silvestri

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