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Time Magazine wants new CFO to be comfortable with Bitcoin

  • Time Magazine is seeking for a new CFO
  • The CFO is required to be comfortable with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • The magazine released three NFTs for auction yesterday

Cryptocurrencies are going mainstream, and more companies seek workers who know about Bitcoin and the digital asset market. This is because more companies are either adding Bitcoin to their treasury or planning to do so. Hence, financial officers are required to have knowledge of not only the traditional financial system but also cryptocurrencies.

Time Magazine’s new CFO should be comfortable with Bitcoin

Time Magazine is searching for a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and lists comfort with Bitcoin as one of the qualifications. According to the company’s job posting, the new CFO must be comfortable with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is needed in addition to the other more traditional requirements desired for such a position.

The company posted the job ad yesterday on LinkedIn, indicating that awareness of digital currencies is becoming a part of the C-suite. It shows that the cryptocurrency space has gained massive recognition over the past few years as more companies now desire to gain more knowledge of the market.

The desire to find cryptocurrency-friendly professionals could be due to the massive Bitcoin investments by the likes of Tesla and MicroStrategy. These companies, alongside Square, have invested billions of dollars in Bitcoin.

Most analysts believe that more companies will start adding Bitcoin to their treasury. The companies now consider Bitcoin to be a store of value or a hedge against inflation. The leading cryptocurrency has surged by roughly 1000% over the past year, making it one of the best performing financial assets of the last decade.

Time Magazine increasing its crypto presence

Time Magazine is increasing its presence in the cryptocurrency space. The company jumped on the NFT wagon after releasing three NFTs for auction yesterday. The NFTs were the digital versions of the magazine’s most iconic covers.

It would be interesting to see if the hiring of a new crypto-friendly CFO could get Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to receive more spotlight on the magazine.

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