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The multibillion-dolar EOS platform, Block.one could be Facebook’s next rival

03 Jun 2019 : 18:39
3 min read

The Block.One team released their newest project on Saturday. A new generation of social media, “Voice” promises to disrupt the social media space, straight off the EOS blockchain.

The Cayman-Island based and multi-million EOSIO startup is joining the list of blockchain firms wishing to impact the broadcasting industry. With the first preview, we can see that Voice promises to differentiate itself from the rest. The mechanisms to detect bots will have a particular focus, with shady algorithms and trolls being completely erased from the scene.

Specifically, the platform will reward users with Voice tokens each time they add a comment. Giving users the possibility to control what they publish, as well as sharing transparent content, avoiding the sale of personal information to third parties and promoting freedom of opinion are the epicentres of the project. Every step of this process within Voice will be registered on EOS blocks. As of now, it seems to captivate the attention of the public due to its essence. The objective is quite genuine as they want people’s opinions to be heard.

Millions of users have lost confidence in platforms such as Facebook, due to the recent privacy issues. Initiatives such as Voice, whose main goal is pure transparency, can potentially challenge many of the social media heavyweights.

Voice is not the first project inside the crypto space willing to change the current status quo. Cent, Kik, Steemit, Coil are also part of the companies using a chain of blocks to solve key issues. Steemit is by far Voice’s biggest competitor, with almost 1.3m users, the platform has three years of development behind, as well as numerous partnerships and plans to reward users with tokens each team they publish content.

Daniel Larimer, the recognised programmer behind successful companies such as Bitshares and Steem, was a key figure during the announcement. Not only Voice was released, but the live stream also disclosed EOS plans to collaborate with Coinbase startup Earn. In addition to explaining the newest EOS protocol VM, which will enhance the speed of the whole blockchain.

You can watch the entire announcement by clicking on the following link shared by D.Larimer himself: https://block.one/june1/

All in all, the Voice project has a credible team behind and meets all the requirements to cause a significant impact. If you want to dig deeper, a Beta version is now available. You can access and sign up directly at Voice.com.

Michela Silvestri

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