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Solana suffers third ‘congestion issue,’ another DDoS attack?

06 Jan 2022 : 13:06
2 min read
  • Solana network suffered an outage on January 4th
  • Coinbase suspended withdrawals but the official status showed no outage
  • Telegram users said that DDoS attackers spammed the network

Solana, the world’s fifth-biggest cryptocurrency, has seen a very optimistic 2021 and entered 2022 with huge shoes to fill in. Investors are putting their money on the proof-of-history consensus-based network, which suffered another ‘congestion issue’ recently. This is the third issue in a few months which investors believe to be another DDoS attack.

Solana suffers another issue

Solana suffered another issue which caused a network outage and several failed transactions. The crypto community pointed out that the outage was mainly due to network congestion, while some believe that this was the work of a Distributed Denial of Service attack or DDoS.

Colin Wu, a prominent member of the crypto Twitter and a well-known Chinese journalist, pointed out this development. Wu said in his tweet that as per the members of the official Telegram community of Solana, a DDoS attack was implemented by spamming the network, causing an outage.

“It was fixed after 7 o’clock (UTC+8) and returned to normal,” said another tweet from Wu.

Failed transactions

Coinbase, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, posted about the network outage on January 4th and said that the issue had been resolved. On the other hand, a Reddit group commented on the incident wherein users shared screenshots of failed SOL transactions. 

Many people in the Telegram group talked about missing tokens, failed transactions, and other grievances. However, the official SOL status page at the time said that the network did not go down while Coinbase did suspend withdrawals for the network. 

Reddit users called out SOL, which recently celebrated the Solana Solstice 2021, for this incident calling this a breach of the decentralized nature of any blockchain-based platform. There was no official tweet from the platform about this development. 

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