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Samsung adds new Blockchain features to its phones

A few months ago, Samsung added a Blockchain Keystore in their last range of phones, which enable users to store their cryptocurrencies and made transactions by using ERC-20 tokens. The feature was taken as a major milestone at the moment, the only thing Samsung-fans didn’t realise is that that was just the beginning of better things to come…

This week, Samsung integrated a new BTC functionality on its smartphones. The South Korean giant now allows S10 models to add blockchain addresses to the Keystore, as well as signing digital transactions and check the general status. At the moment, the Keystore supports only 17 dapps and is planning to launch its own token very soon.

The only limitation is that the features are only available in certain countries such as South Korea, Canada, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Overall, Samsung seems to be setting a new tone in the industry, as many competitors are starting to add blockchain support on their devices. LG specifically, has filed a patent application for an electronic wallet able to store and backup cryptocurrencies.

Image licensed via Shutterstock

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