Robinhood is now offering 24/7 crypto phone support

  • Robinhood is now offering 24/7 phone support for the cryptocurrency investors on its platform
  • The broker will make it easier for customers to access their support team
  • Coinbase said it is working on a similar feature and could launch it soon

Robinhood is setting the bar high for other cryptocurrency brokerage platforms.

Robinhood is providing 24/7 crypto phone support

Leading brokerage platform Robinhood has announced that it is now offering 24/7 phone support for the cryptocurrency investors on its platform. The support feature will make it easier for users to complain about their crypto accounts.

The cryptocurrency market operates differently from the other financial markets. It is open 24/7, making it unique. However, crypto exchanges and other trading platforms don’t offer 24/7 customer care support services to their clients.

Robinhood is changing this narrative after launching its 24/7 phone support feature for cryptocurrency investors. The company’s crypto lead Christine Brown told CoinDesk earlier today that Robinhood intends to have a representative with expertise in the field call back within 30 minutes of the request.

The broker will notify customers when they are next in line to be contacted. Furthermore, the customers will be provided with the number that will be used for the call. This will indicate that the phone support service is genuine.

Robinhood’s executive said the broker is expecting its users to ask a wide range of questions. She stated that

Customers can request phone support for all issues or questions, including all trading and security issues as well as all crypto questions. Even super-simple questions such as ‘What is a wallet?’ or ‘What is the difference between bitcoin and bitcoin cash?’ can be addressed, as well as standard support issues to do with their account, trades, etc.

Robinhood is moving faster than some platforms

Robinhood has been moving faster than crypto exchange Coinbase in launching features on its platform. Last month, Coinbase said it intends to launch 24/7 phone support and other enhancements to boost customer experience on its platform. However, Robinhood has now beat it to launch the feature.

Similarly, PayPal announced that it would soon allow its cryptocurrency investors to withdraw their coins to external wallets. However, Robinhood is set to beat them to it after confirming that it will enable crypto deposit and withdrawal options later this month.

Robinhood is also reportedly working on DeFi features on its platform.

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