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Ripple’s Xpring now open for developers

Xpring is an initiative started by Ripple, the crypto-famous company solving cross-border payments, its purpose is to showcase that the XRP ledger can also be used for smaller internet payments by making them “frictionless” similar to how information moves nowadays. They initially started out by providing grants to proven entrepreneurs directing businesses that will use XRP to take solve their clients’ needs in a new innovative way. One example is SBProjects, founded by Scooter Braun, the talent manager that manages Justin Bieber.

Today they have slightly changed their marketing stance with their new website. They are directly targeting developers and providing the best tools possible to integrate real-time payments in any currency into their platform with relative ease. They’ve launched a wallet specifically built for developers to ease the use and access to all tools. They’ve also made changes to the Xpring SDK that will help “integrate money into apps” very quickly, and it works regardless of what coding language the developer is using.

They’re also giving developers access to the latest XRP Ledger (stable version 1.4.0) which supports a new feature called “deletable accounts”. The latter will allow users to recover 15XRP of the minimum account balance. Previously, any user needed to keep 20XRP on the ledger at all times, which were not recoverable and no one had the ability to move them anywhere else. This new feature partially solves that problem and potentially increases scalability potentials.

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