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Revolut introduces commission-free crypto trading for U.S. investors

  • Revolut is allowing US customers to trade as much as $200,000 a month commission-free
  • Customers can also send ten international transfers per month fee-free to anyone with a bank account in 30 countries
  • Revolut and other fintech platforms are rolling out more crypto-related services to their customers

Revolut is launching its cryptocurrency trading services in the United States.

Revolut launches commission-free crypto trading in the US

Revolut, a fintech company with a $33 billion valuation that offers cryptocurrency buying as part of its services, is pushing to attract more customers in the United States. As a result, the platform is allowing U.S. customers to trade as much as $200,000 a month commission-free.

The firm announced this yesterday, adding that it is offering its 300,000 U.S. customers no-fee ATM use out-of-network, as well as the perk of sending ten free remittances each month. Revolut users in the United States will also be able to send up to 10 international transfers per month fee-free to anyone with a bank account in 30 countries, including the United Kingdom, France, the Philippines, Japan and Australia.

Ron Oliveira, Revolut’s U.S. CEO, said,

By breaking down fees, we’re empowering Revolut’s U.S. customers to achieve financial freedom and drive their own financial journey, whether that be opening their first banking account, trading in new financial markets or sending money to loved ones overseas.

Fintech platforms are rolling out cryptocurrency services

Fintech platforms are trying to outdo each other in the cryptocurrency space by launching some appealing services and features to their clients. Last month, Revolut paid for new office space in the United States with Bitcoin, a move to underscore the company’s commitment to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

PayPal and other leading fintech platforms have also been rolling out services in the crypto space. PayPal launched its crypto trading services to its clients in the United Kingdom last month while Stripe is working to re-enter the crypto space after a three-year break.

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