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Not Just Surviving – We’re Thriving

16 Oct 2022 : 15:01
Updated : 07 Nov 2022 : 08:33
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Surviving and Thriving – Cryptonary Research Review

Welcome everybody, to the 2nd Cryptonary quarterly research review.

Following on from Beat the Bear, our 1st edition, we are here with all the highs and lows of Cryptonary’s research in Q3, as well as a sneak peek and what we’ve got coming up in Q4.

Before we get into it, let’s address the elephant in the room… or should I say bear.

Not Just Any Old Bear Market

Market conditions are terrible, with the global economy at its worst since crypto was first gifted to this undeserving world. This, of course, means number not go up. In fact, number go down 😭

At Cryptonary, we’ve seen our fair share of bear markets, and it’s clear that this isn’t just another bear market in our 4-year cycle. We have a global cost of living crisis, European energy crisis, looming global debt crisis, and World War 3 just around the corner.

The macro picture is the most precarious we’ve seen since the recession in 2008, and in some respects, long before that. Inflation in most developed countries is at unacceptable levels, and central banks are taking painful steps to correct this.

The damage to the global economy these measures will have is concerning. Recession is on the horizon for many economies.

Fortunately, this is a double-edged sword. Institutions are getting involved left, right and centre, politicians and regulators are being forced to learn about our favourite magical internet money (sparing room for hilarious misunderstandings of course), and global businesses are preparing themselves for full-scale adoption.

What this results in is being wildly predicted by Bitboy like influencers and Twitter’s keyboard warriors every day. In a few years’ time, we’ll see an abundance of retweets from all those who, mostly by pure luck or copying the right person, correctly predicted the outcome.

We, on the other hand, are focused on preparing our audience for whatever outcome arises. Using all the information available to us, we can create an educated and informed range of possibilities, assign likelihoods to each, and create content that ensures you are ready for what comes next.

This is an area our research has excelled in throughout Q3, with our macro coverage not only teaching members the basics of macroeconomics, but also helps to identify potential turning points that could be the beginning of a renewed bull market. 

Delivered through reports & journals, educational content, live Q&As, webinars, and through updates on the Discord. We have helped our community understand what has caused these terrible price moves, and what could come next.

Our reports included inflation, supply chains and commodities, the aftermath of Covid, government and central bank policies, and much more – you name it, we covered it. 

We of course gave you our outlook on the macro environment as well, we wouldn’t leave you wanting!

And for the experts or very curious members, we posted a huge report covering everything macro and on-chain. It was one big brain dump, but boy, that content was top quality.

As depressing as these painfully low prices can be, we are in the midst of the opportunity of a lifetime. Let us help you seize it!

The Tech

Our Layer-2 (L2) coverage is another tool in the arsenal. We expect these to rocket in the next bull run, as the leading technology to help scale blockchains, and therefore crypto.

The coverage, which took place in Q1/2 flagged many potential airdrops, including Arbitrum, Optimism, Across and Scroll, to name a few. We have now see some of these airdrops bearing fruit, and will be further updating on the ecosystem and airdrop potential in Q4.

Other Q3 content included a look into alt-layer 1 blockchains, our thesis on how to pick a winner, the contenders, some newbies in the space – the Solana killers, and our winners, in the series finale! Expect big things from these in the next bull run!

Of course, we had some stellar merge content too, looking at liquid staking, the flippenings (yes, that’s plural), 

Predicting the Future?!

Lastly, a thought experiment within the Cryptonary research team. What is going to happen next in crypto – check that exciting article out here.

What’s in Store for Q4?

We’re poets, and you now know it.

Jokes aside, Q4 is going to be a huge one for the Cryptonary community.

Some incredible new products are coming out, including our new and improve ratings guide, which will have a list of all the assets øur research team is looking at. That’s right, you will get access to a quick, easy and alpha-filled list of everything we like the look of, as well as analysis of it, and our opinion on the asset and it’s risks. What more could you want? 

Our community rocks, by far the best community in crypto, probably in any sector. There are so many giga-brains, we wanted to help you find a voice and break into the space. To do that, we are working on a community research platform.

You will be able to post an article on the platform, which can then be viewed by anyone. It could lead to jobs, connections, and revenue. The best articles will be featured across our social media and email lists, reaching around 1 million crypto people – how about that for exposure! 

Updates coming on both products in the coming weeks – see you in the Discord.

Another exciting new product is the narratives, or market insights section. This is where we put updates on protocols, narratives in the market (that we can profit from), trends that are emerging and our thoughts generally. 

Check out our personal favourite – Bullish. And You?

This is going to be huge, giving you more information about the crypto markets and product general. Use this information, and reap the rewards!

What About Research – Mr Researcher

Good question Anon. Let me break it down for you:

  • Deep dives on Optimism, the Arbitrum ecosystem (which may include some potential airdrops), Cosmos (and the new ATOM tokenomics) and the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Monthly macro updates – because Mr Powell is controlling markets, and we want to know when number go up as much as you do.
  • Bitcoin – what is it, where does the value come from, and could it benefit from a changing world order?
  • Not just surviving, but thriving in the bear. Preparing to ride the bull, and a look at what would kill the bear and let the bull loose.
  • Portfolio construction and risk management – some key content looking at how to make and protect your gains, avoiding those unforeseeable traps littered throughout crypto.
  • Year end – a look back at 2022 (this is giving me bullish tingles already – not for prices, but for tech – you are all in it for the tech… right?)

The End

Thanks for reading – reach out via social media (Discord, Instagram or Twitter), or drop us a comment if you have any thoughts or ideas – at the end of the day, we’re here for you guys.


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