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Beat the Bear

20 Jul 2022 : 15:33
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Q2 Review and Q3 Outlook

As our members in Discord know, our researchers recently conducted our first quarterly review meeting. Going forward, these will take place every quarter.

We will look back at the previous quarter, and consider with full honesty how our research narratives performed. What we did well, and what we could have improved. This will be put out on Discord, and turned into a report. Full transparency and proof of quality is massive for us at Cryptonary, and this means anyone is able to see our performance review and future outlook.

In our first Quarterly Review, we looked back at Q2 2022, what went well, and what could have been better, before considering what we should cover this quarter to help beat the bear.

Q2 Review

  • Sector coverage was ahead of the curve, picking key areas of the market, and identifying promising protocols early.
  • We identified and sign-posted the changing macro-environment, starting in our market analysis in Discord and the weekly reports, and warranting its own report, Are We Headed to Goblin Town, on January 10th.
  • Looking back, we believe more content and focus on the general macro environment would have been helpful. Whilst we discussed it, more weight and emphasis on macro, and the potential implications, would have been beneficial.

Q3 Outlook

With the above in mind, whilst we bear with the bear, we’re focusing on education and implications of macro this quarter, as well as systematic risk in crypto, and key problem solvers such as infrastructure and alternative layer 1 blockchains, as well as continued coverage on key sectors already covered, derivatives, layer 2s and cross-chain comms.

Research this quarter will be covering:

  • Macro and its implications, looking into:
    • What inflation/deflation is and central banks & their policies.
    • What supply chains are, how they, affect prices, and what role commodities play.
    • How the pandemic affected economies and life around the globe.
    • Government policies, what actions government have or are taking in response to the economic issues they’re facing.
    • Outlook, what we expect going forwards, based off information in previous reports.
  • Liquidations in crypto (such as Celcius, Voyager and others that are potentially at risk like BlockFi) and what risks they create, including contagion and fall-out, forced sales, and more.
  • Infrastructure in crypto, covering things that will drive crypto adoption, such as wallets, oracles, staking solutions, DAO tooling, data storage, front-ends, privacy and bandwidth/data availability.
  • Alternative layer 1 blockchains, considering the Alt L1 vs L2 battle, and some potential up and coming layer 1’s (which could include some potential airdrops!).

You can also expect at least quarterly updates on sectors already covered, derivatives, layer 2’s and cross-chain communications.

As always, our research is here to educate you and provide the alpha our community needs. If you have any suggestions, recommendations, or comments, please reach out and let us know via Discord, or here.

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