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NFA Ep. 9 | Why Crypto Is Here To Stay w/ Murad Mahmudov

26 Oct 2022 : 16:12
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In this episode, Stan and our head of research Max speak with crypto investor Murad Mahmudov, who is now working on a DeFi/SocialFi initiative called STFX to speak about why crypto is so vital to our society.

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Intro 00:00 – 02:00

The bear market 02:00 – 09:50

Mainstream adoption 09:50 – 17:22

Is Ethereum a danger to Bitcoin? – 17:22 – 22:41

Bitcoin as a store of value – 17:22 – 28:54

Crypto regulations 28:54 – 37:09

Trading & STFX 37:09 – 47:49

Outro 47:49 – 52:32

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Stan Colenbrander

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Stan is the head of news and podcast host at Cryptonary. He was formerly a member of the Cryptonary Pro community. In early 2021, he decided to drop out of journalism school at university to pursue journalism in real life and make an impact in the crypto space. . His areas of interest include the NFT industry, decentralised finance, and crypto start-ups.

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