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Peter Schiff’s bank under investigation for facilitating tax evasion

  • Peter Schiff has been very vocal about his Bitcoin criticism even on the fraud side
  • His bank, Euro Pacific, is being investigated for facilitating tax evasion
  • One of the high risk clients he onboarded is Simon Anquetil

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff is a long time Bitcoin skeptic that has always expressed his negative perspective on the asset. His view has always been that Gold is headed towards long-term value accrual while Bitcoin is headed for a big crash.

Euro Pacific Bank

Peter Schiff is the owner of Euro Pacific Bank based in Puerto Rico. His bank has been placed under the international investigation called “Operation Atlantis” for facilitating tax evasion to “high-risk” clients. One of the clients is Simon Anquetil, founder of Plutus Payroll which was at the center of a $165 million tax fraud investigation.

Schiff walks out on “60 minutes” interview

Peter Schiff was invited to do a “60 minutes” interview, on which he walked out after being questioned about the bank investigation. According to him, he is “not involved in the day to day operations” and the people marketing the bank for its secrecy and low taxes do not work for them.

The excerpt can be watched here.

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