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Peter Brandt suggests BTC has entered a new parabolic phase

Seasoned crypto enthusiast and trader Peter Brandt is a name that many people in this space not only respect greatly, but carefully listen to his analysis and viewpoints. On Sunday, Brandt tweeted that is is possible Bitcoin has officially entered a fourth parabolic run. With the fundamentals lining up nicely, and BTC ever more being described as a new class safe-haven, he may well be correct.

With the past 2 monthly candles not being a pretty sight for the bulls, September’s monthly candle will give us a clear indication as to whether this very much is a possibility and a new bull-run is imminent. What is clear to all to see is that the possibility of a new parabolic movement is not one to be written off without further exploration. Bitcoin is still up over 150% for the year, but the decreased volatility seen in recent weeks may not continue if Brandt’s analysis plays out.

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