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Oscar-winning actress to star in film about the Crypto Ponzi scheme “OneCoin”

  • Titanic actress to star in movie based on a crypto-story
  • ”Fake!” will be based on the real-life story of Jen McAdam (victim) and her involvement in OneCoin


A new movie is about to be produced titled “Fake!” in which will star the Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet whom acted in Titanic. Jennifer Todd will be producing the film that MGM acquired. The movie will be based on the book by Jen McAdam with Douglas Thompson and her true life story and involvement in the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.


OneCoin was presented to investors as a cryptocurrency created by an offshore company: OneCoin LTD and OneLife Network LTD. Both of the companies were founded by Ruja Ignatova. The Ponzi scheme siphoned over $4 Billion from investors and some estimate the number to be three times as high. Most of OneCoin team has been arrested but some managed to disappear. The founder has disappeared at the same time the US issued a warrant for her arrest.


Without a doubt, the scheme left many victims, some of which have created support groups for the matter. One of the victims is Jen McAdam, she wrote a book about her experience, a book on which the movie “Fake!” will be based.

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