Original ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’ meme sells as an NFT for 200 ETH

  • The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme was sold for 200 ETH
  • This came nine years after the meme was created
  • NFTs are becoming increasingly popular in the artworld

The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme is one of the most popular memes on the internet after going viral in 2012. The NFT version of the meme has now been sold for 200 ether (ETH), approximately $400,000.

Overly Attached Girlfriend meme sells for $400,000

The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme went viral in 012 during the peak era of Impact Font memes. The meme was created by YouTuber Laina Morris, inspired by the song “Girlfriend.” Laina developed the meme in response to a contest held by Justin Bieber when he was promoting the song “Boyfriend.”

The meme, with Laina as the image, went viral after Justin Bieber responded to it in the video contest. Years after, the creator Laina gets to cash in on the meme again after developing it as a nonfungible token.

Laina listed the meme on Foundation.App as an NFT auction, and it attracted a bidding war amongst participants. Ultimately, the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme was sold for 200 ETH (approximately $400,000).

The creator tweeted about it, stating how insane it is that the meme attracted this much interest. She stated that “You guys are INSANE. Thank you to everyone who bid, and special thanks to @3fmusic. Truly, you have no idea how this is going to change my life. I mean it. I am so incredibly thankful and also still just BLOWN AWAY. So weird. So cool. Wtf. Thank you, internet.”

This latest development puts the Overly Attached Girlfriend in the ranks of other high-end memes to have earned huge bucks, including Ja Rule, Lindsay Lohan, Grimes, and the creator of the Nyan Cat GIF.

NFT sector continues to gain attention

The NFT space has attracted numerous celebrities and popular figures over the past few months. The Weeknd recently released a song about NFTs while several artists like Beeple sold their artworks as NFTs lately.

The industry has also attracted a lot of interest from artists, content creators, and others. This is due to NFT’s unique feature of promoting authenticity in the art world and ensuring that artists are adequately compensated for their genuine work.

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