On-Chain Forensics

On-Chain Forensics – New Format

This is a new format for On-Chain Analytics that we are testing out, please give us our feedback in Discord or comments below!   TLDR Investors have looked to acquire and hold Ethereum coins over the last Year to 18 Months, even though recently accumulation has slowed. Long-term investors are still reluctant to sell and book profits, however, they’ve slowed in terms of their aggressiveness towards accumulating more. Short-to-mid term investors have dominated selling in recent weeks. The MVRV is still not relatively high, particularly in comparison to the 2017 Bull cycle. This could mean that we have still got some more room to go.   Today’s report is unique in that this is the first time we will be going through and analysing the On-Chain Metrics for Ethereum. In all previous reports we have mainly covered Bitcoin, so today we believe it will be beneficial to see how the On-Chain picture for Ethereum either does or doesn’t differ from […]

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