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NFL star Trevor Lawrence signs crypto endorsement deal with Blockfolio

26 Apr 2021 : 19:45
3 min read
  • NFL wonderkid Trevor Lawrence has signed a crypto endorsement deal with Blockfolio
  • Lawrence has already received the signing bonus from Blockfolio
  • Sean Culkin signed a deal to receive his entire salary in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency adoption goes beyond people investing and trading the currencies. It also has to do with people accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for services they offer or products they sell. More celebrities are joining the crypto wagon by accepting payment for their services in cryptocurrencies. Trevor Lawrence has now agreed to collect his entire salary in cryptocurrency.

Trevor Lawrence to get paid in crypto

National Football League (NFL) star Trevor Lawrence has signed a cryptocurrency endorsement deal with Blockfolio. The cryptocurrency portfolio-tracking platform has already given Lawrence a signing bonus in cryptocurrencies.

According to a New York Times report earlier today, the quarterback is already enjoying the dividends of this deal. Although the exact details of the deal are yet to be made public, Trevor Lawrence receives a signing bonus that was paid out entirely in cryptocurrency and deposited into his Blockfolio account. A source close to the matter told the New York Times that the signing bonus is already worth more than it was when he was paid on Friday.

Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of Blockfolio parent company FTX, commented on Lawrence’s deal, stating that it is an exciting development for the cryptocurrency space. According to Bankman-Fried, the quarterback’s positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies is what attracted the company to him. He added that FTX plans to promote its business to mainstream audiences.

This latest development comes weeks after FTX secured the naming rights to the Miami Heat stadium. The cryptocurrency exchange will hold the naming rights for 19-years in a deal worth $135 million.

Sean Culkin also joins the crypto train

Lawrence signing a deal with Blockfolio came after another NFL star Sean Culkin agreed to accept his salary in cryptocurrencies earlier today. According to Newsweek, Culkin, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, will collect 100% of his salary this season in cryptocurrency.

Culkin will become the first NFL player to sign such a deal, as he admits Bitcoin is the gold standard of this generation. The NFL star will be paid a base salary of $920,000 in Bitcoin. According to Culkin, investing in Bitcoin is better for his future than assets such as gold and others.

“I realized that Bitcoin was the solution to many of the problems in the world. And with high conviction, I wanted to be paid in it. I wanted to help inspire others. I think Bitcoin has always beaten these bad stereotypes from its inception,” he said.

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