New York launches blockchain-based Covid-19 passport

  • New York launches blockchain-powered Covid-19 passport
  • The passport allows users to share their Covid-19 status with others
  • New York is the first state in the US to launch this technology

One of the key challenges of the current stage of the global pandemic is knowing the state of individuals. It is hard to know if someone has been vaccinated or their Covid-19 status. However, the state of New York has found the solution in blockchain technology and intends to leverage it to ensure businesses reopen soon.

New York to launch blockchain-powered Covid-19 passport

The state of New York announced last week that it would launch a blockchain-powered passport. The passport called the Excelsior Pass is a free, voluntary platform developed in partnership with IBM. It leverages proven, secure technology to confirm an individual’s recent negative PCR or antigen test result or proof of vaccination.

This latest development will help fast-track the reopening of businesses and event venues in accordance with the New York State Department of Health guidelines. Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that “New Yorkers have proven they can follow public health guidance to beat back COVID, and the innovative Excelsior Pass is another tool in our new toolbox to fight the virus while allowing more sectors of the economy to reopen safely and keeping personal information secure.”

According to the press release, New Yorkers can use the Excelsior Pass to verify their COVID-19 vaccination or negative test results to gain entry into public places such as stadiums, wedding receptions, arenas, and other events above the social gathering limit.

New York leads the way in Covid data sharing

This latest development makes New York the first state in the United States to formally launch a Covid-19 transformational technology. The Excelsior Pass Wallet app is available on Android and iOS devices.

The press release added that the “Excelsior Pass is built on IBM’s Digital Health Pass solution and is designed to enable the secure verification of health credentials such as test results and vaccination records without the need to share underlying medical and personal information.”

Since the platform is built on blockchain technology, users are assured that their data would not be shared with third-party entities.

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