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NASDAQ and R3 partner to build a world-class digital assets marketplace


Nasdaq is the world’s second-largest stock exchange, well-known for its innovative approach and development in the exchanges area. It has signed a long-term, non-exclusive collaborative agreement with R3. The latter is an enterprise software firm that offers institutional-grade DLT solutions with SDK tools for the development and deployment of digital assets, amongst other services.

Digital Assets

As one of the tech pioneers of the marketplace space, NASDAQ is very interested in innovating further. Johan Toll, Head of Digital Assets at NASDAQ, stated: “A blockchain connects market participants in a fully digitalized and immutable way, facilitating frictionless transactions between the participants. There’s an agreed format for interacting, workflow or process, and all participants on the platform or network follow the same rules. No one can cheat, double spend, or remove any agreed transactions. Ultimately, technology creates trust between all network participants”.


The new collaboration between the two firms will offer institutions a new method of issuing assets in a safer and more efficient manner through the use of blockchains. Additionally, this will likely benefit from the 24/7/365 aspect that is today only specific to crypto-assets. Tokenisation of real-world assets and other securities is the next innovation any exchange must face in order to expand their reach and security further.

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