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NASDAQ adds new blockchain project index

10 Sep 2019 : 13:17
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The most prominent exchange in the world, NASDAQ has added a new index that includes the top blockchain projects working in decentralised finance, among them: Augur, Gnosis, Amoveo, Numerai, Maker and 0x.

Those top companies from the decentralised finance (DeFi) space were initially added to an index launched the London-based Defix brokerage.

Defix, the creator of the initiative, describes the index as follows:

The index reflects the real-time dynamics of six decentralized finance solutions. Each project was analyzed by our team of experts and assigned an appropriate share in the index based on the results”.

The ticker of the index is DEFX, and it is already available to view TradingView, Google and shortly on Yahoo Finance.

Decentralised finance are only two words, but with a strong revolutionary concept behind. In fact, under my perspective those two words are going to be the new ABC in Wall Street in the next 5 years. The term is an umbrella for all the financial tools that are changing the way funding, investing, lending and trading works. From Augur to 0x, all those companies are leading the race of token securitiwation and crypto derivatives, that’s why they are worth of their own index.

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Michela Silvestri

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