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A Deep Diveinto Crypto Psychology

into Crypto Psychology

Exploring the Human Mind

The human mind is one of the most complex entities in the universe. Learn more about psychology and the factors that influence the decisions we make

Investor v Trader

Are you an investor or a trader? Discover the psychological traits and the inherent advantages and disadvantages of investing and trading.

Market Sentiment

Market sentiment affects every decision that traders and investors make. But what is market sentiment? How is it determined? And how should it influence the decisions we make?

The Decision Making Process

Investing isn’t easy, and consistency is key. Learn more about the decision-making process behind trading and investing, and how psychology influences the process.


In business, mindset is everything, and with crypto, it’s no different.

We’re often asked questions like: ‘What drives market sentiment?’ and, ‘What causes bull & bear markets?’ These concepts are interlinked and can ultimately be explained by one thing- psychology.

Difficulty handling the positive and negative emotional responses to events like losses and even profits can lead to irrational decision making. Through years of experience, our experts have survived countless ups and downs. The lessons we’ve learned from these past experiences have ultimately led to our success.

In this course, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of crypto psychology, so you can learn how to adapt your mindset and start thinking like a pro.


Tom Bennett

In 2017, I FOMO'd in at the peak, got left with some quite heavy bags, and was licking my wounds. The one thing that Cryptonary enabled me to do is build up my confidence again learn technical analysis, which has helped me feel more secure in the trades I'm making. The community itself is fantastic because there's a lot of members there who are ready to help, including yourself. There's a real mixture of new and longtime members; it's quite a nice mix with a real community feel. I definitely recommend Cryptonary to my friends because, as I said, it's got something for everyone.

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