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Unlock the power of Cryptonary

Learn and profit from digital currencies

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  • Full course & episodes
  • Live trading group
  • Unlimited Tracking reports
  • Unlimited fundamental reports
  • Additional assets
  • Unlimited podcasts
  • Unlimited journal
  • Submit any account queries to support Priority customer support
  • Annual Meetups
  • Curated news
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  • 3 Device access
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Pro+ Plan

£39.99/per month £49.99 /per month
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Our pro+ plan explained

Every single feature, every single piece of content. With the pro+ package you get every feature available on Cryptonary and more. Everything that is included in the pro package and more including unlimited podcasts and journals, multiple device access and multiple annual meet ups that are arranged by us for you to network with like minded individuals from the space.

You will join thousands of others in a like-minded community and have 24-7 access to our exclusive online course and members portal area which is updated daily by dedicated market experts with a combined experience of over 25 years of.


What will you get?

Access to our pro+ course episodes which include all advanced content on crypto trading, fundamentals and much more. Annual meet up arranged by us to network with like minded individuals.
Live 24-7 trading group with trade set ups and updates E-mail alerts can be set up to weekly or daily so you are always in the loop
Additional assets covered including gold and previous metals. On demand requests for analysis. A custom portfolio to track all of your crypto holdings and gains or losses.
Unlimited podcasts per month randomly selected by our editors. These cover a wide range of the hottest market topics. Ad-free so you don't have to ever block annoying ads.

Unlock the power of Cryptonary

Learn and profit from digital currencies

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Frequently Asked Questions


Support and help

If you have a question or experience an issue with Cryptonary, please contact our support team. All feature requests should be made through our contact page.

How can I pay for Cryptonary?

PayPal handles the payment processing for us. Payment methods include all major credit cards and PayPal. The 12-month Pro plans can be also paid securely with cryptocurrency during checkout. We guarantee you a safe and secure online checkout process.

Can I cancel anytime? Is there a cancellation fee?

You can cancel your subscription at any time if you are a monthly subscribers. If you cancel you will not be billed anymore, and the service will remain active for the time that is paid for. There's no cancellation fee. Our billing cycles charge on a monthly basis so if you cancel anytime after your billing date then your service will continue for the duration of that month.

What is your refund policy?

We do not provide refunds for initial orders and recurring monthly payments. Here's why: purchasing a plan and then refunding it wastes time, energy and processing costs for both customers and Cryptonary. If you have paid in full for a yearly subscription, we are unable to refund for the time period you have already received services for.

Keep in mind that all plans are auto-renewed. Customers can cancel their plan at any time. If you purchase an upgraded plan or do not cancel, it's implied that you agree with the above terms and conditions and accept that there are no refunds.

We understand that a year is a long period and our customers may forget about an active subscription, that is why we make exception in this case and issue refunds for annual or 2-year recurring payments on demand, if account holder gets in touch with us within 14 calendar days after automatic renewal. This is for recurring annual subscriptions only.

What if I am a beginner? / I have no experience, can I learn?

Our course is designed to accommodate all levels of traders, regardless of prior knowledge or experience. We like to build from the very foundations, ensuring as a student that you learn the Cryptonary way. In the past students have arrived at us with incorrect fundamental knowledge, this can impact all walks of your trading habits and experience.

Do I receive signals as part of the course?

We do not provide signals, as we have always believed this is not a responsible nor sustainable method to approach education. However, we do have a members-only Telegram group where we provide trade analysis and setups from our expert analysts that we feel may be profitable. The exclusive group also provides you with real-time overview and guidance on the whole crypto market.

If I do well, are their opportunities to work with Cryptonary?

We are always on the look-out for any potential individuals that we feel may add significantly added value to our team.

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