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Members Technical Breakdown – 14 January 2021


Bitcoin has found demand liquidity at $33,000, this helped price push higher and retrace the majority of the dump. The $36,850 flip from resistance to support also acted as yet another layer of support, pushing prices higher with eyes on the ATH.


There was a lagging effect between Bitcoin and Ether but the price action was the same (BTC ahead). $910 acted as the ultimate bottom and buying opportunity, from there price went on to flip $1,145 from resistance to support and also eyes on the yearly high.


XRP has done very little over the past few days – which is why our diversification proved to be so profitable. Up until now price has flipped $0.30 from support to resistance which would lead the way back to $0.25. This is especially possible with the delistings taking place over the next few days.


Spectacular rally, as expected and awaited the daily break of $10.15 brought forward a big rally. 45%+ in a day. Once again, DOT is in price discovery.


$10.50 was the ultimate bottom during the 11 Jan 2021 crash. Price is continuously creating higher highs and higher lows with the latest one at $14.50 from which we expect further price discovery.


For all the days FTX has grown but FTT remained quiet, it is catching up. Once again at the ~$10 resistance, a break through opens the road to the round psychological numbers, the first of which is $15. (Insane when you think about how low the price of 1 FTT used to be).


Last but most definitely not least, SRM is consolidating after the break from accumulation and we are expecting it to rally back to ATH. Of course, there will be fluctuations but that would be the first real stop.

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