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Members Breakdown – 12 February 2021


Last leg to the upside had decreasing volume which indicates weakened momentum. This can lead to a pullback towards [$42,000-$42,500].
REMINDER (before we continue): If the profits you have made are very significant to you, then it is DEFINITELY worth taking 5-10% off in profits and cashing some of it out. We are investing for at least 18-months, so for us we are mentally prepared to go through market fluctuations but this may not be everyone’s plan. Do not do what we do, we are all different. Do what is best for you and what is in your own personal best interest.
Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only. None of this constitutes financial advice nor any sort of recommendation. 


Literally as simple as it gets. $1,420 is support and should price get there from Bitcoin dropping, the noise in the market about a correction starting will be loud, there will be blood and we would long that blood. Staying cautious with the market because volumes are beginning to slow down, they need to pick back up for continuation.
To clarify, the trend is still immaculate and so is the market structure of HHs & HLs. The slight worry comes from declining volumes but they could pick up if attention drifts away from BTC (Elon brought it there).

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