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Arbitrum Odyssey

15 Sep 2022 : 15:20
Updated : 20 Oct 2022 : 13:10
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Bear markets are frighting and tedious, yet this is where the actual money is made. The perfect low-risk/high-reward play has been revealed to us through the Arbitrum Odyssey – Airdrops!

The Arbitrum Odyssey is the easiest way to gain exposure to the Arbitrum token.

The Arbitrum Odyssey is an 8-week event that allows users to use protocols on Arbitrum for a chance to win 17 Arbitrum-exclusive free-mint NFTs. The event started on Tuesday, June 21st, 2022 at 1 pm EST.

2 projects will task their users to complete an on-chain task, specific to their protocol ‚Äď i.e. lending, borrowing, providing liquidity, or buying an NFT.

This is what the entire event will look like during the 8 weeks:

Week 1: Bridge Week.

Week 2: Yield Protocol and Hashflow.

Week 3: Aboard Exchange and TofuNFT.

Week 4: Uniswap and Apex.

Week 5: 1inch and Izumi/ Yin Finance.

Week 6: Dodo and Swapr.

Week 7: TreasureDAO and Battlefly.

Week 8: Ideamarket and Sushi.

Users will claim Arbi-verse NFTs for completing every task, representing their involvement. Claims will take place on Project Galaxy’s website here, after the end of each week. The mints will be completely free, but you will need ETH on Arbitrum to pay the transaction fee to claim the free NFT.

If users collect at least 13 of the 16 NFTs along the way, they will receive a final prize NFT, indicating that their journey into the Arbi-verse is complete.


The Arbitrum Odyssey has been paused on week 2 due to congestion issues in the network and will likely resume in September-November.

Also, week 1 has been completed.


Arbitrum is the biggest scaling solution nowadays (but still without a token). We expect a high valuation ($billions) for the Arbitrum token. We believe there will be a Layer 2 narrative and a lot of capital will flow into them, especially Arbitrum. In order to get our hands on the Arbitrum airdrop, we have participated in the Odyssey as Alpha-DAO.

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