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Kraken add BAT and WAVES to trading platform

US based exchange Kraken announced earlier this week that they would be adding both Basic Attention Token (BAT) and WAVES to their list of available trading assets tomorrow. The exchange also said they would continue to expand the list of available trading assets but did not mention any specific names for the time being.

The email, sent out to users of the platform described BAT as:

“an Ethereum-based token that supports a decentralized, open-source advertising platform. BAT is integrated with the Brave web browser, which gives users the option to receive BAT for their attention (i.e. watching privacy preserving ads) from advertisers.”

It then follows up to describe WAVES, which some users may not have heard of as:

“a decentralized platform for tokenized crowdfunding and trading. Waves enables anyone to create their own cryptocurrencies and provides a wallet and browser extension to manage assets and interact with various decentralized apps.

Both tokens will be available to be traded against the USD, Euro, BTC and ETH. Trading is set to go live on Aug 22nd.

Image c/o Kraken

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