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Justin Sun to the moon! Plans a trip to the ‘Sea of Stars’ with 5 people

22 Dec 2021 : 14:59
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  • Justin Sun is taking a trip to the space with five other nominees in 2022
  • The Tron blockchain founder announced that he had left Tron a few days ago
  • The names of the five people from various sectors of the crypto industry will be released subsequently

On Wednesday, Tron blockchain founder, Justin Sun, revealed on his Twitter account that he is planning a trip to the ‘Sea of Stars’ or space with five people. The founder explained everything in a series of tweets and said that this new journey would begin in the year 2022.

Justin Sun to the moon!

In the series of tweets, Justin Sun revealed that he was the mysterious figure behind the winning bid for the launch of the first manned spacecraft by the Jeff Bezos’ firm, Blue Origin. As per a report from NYTimes, the winner had paid around 28 million USD for a seat with Bezos and his brother along with an astronaut for a trip to space for a total of 11 minutes.

“I won the auction 6 months ago but missed the launch. However, this did not stop my love for space,” said Justin Sun in his tweet.

The Tron founder, who recently left the blockchain platform, said that he is “very excited to announce this news and turn this opportunity into a voyage with 5 other warriors to space” him, claiming that space belongs to “everyone.”

Who are the ‘Fantastic Five’?

Justin Sun said that the “names of the 5 space warriors will be released sequentially” who will have “a special status in their field while having a strong will to explore space.” Furthermore, Sun did not reveal the name of the first nominee who had already been chosen.

“Our first nominee will be a prominent figure in the crypto world who is crazy about cruising in Metaverse. Guess Who?” said Sun.

The second nominee will be a “TRON DAO community member with a strong passion for space,” while the third nominee will be “an entrepreneur in the Tech field who has a vision for the future and welcomes innovation in all technology-related fields.”

Justin Sun further revealed that the fourth nominee will be “an artist who has the wildest dreams of space and the future of humankind.” In contrast, the fifth nominee “will be a highly visible and socially influential celebrity, becoming a mystery guest to inspire more people to participate in space exploration.”

“Space-themed artwork creation will be encouraged, and serial campaigns will follow,” said Sun.

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