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What is the best performing asset of 2019?

So far, 2019 has belonged to the bulls. Many of the worlds most significant financial assets have earned more than double-digit percentage returns, and they don’t look like they are done yet.

Amongst the best performing “traditional vehicles” this year we have: NASDAQ (up 23.14%), S&P (20.81%), Dow (US30) (17.83%), Gold (5.47%) and DAX (19.53%). On the 1st of May 2019, The benchmark S&P 500 index registered the highest gain in a decade. But, are the S&P and NASDAQ the best place to have massive returns? Not necessarily.

Although the gains from the global financial market are surprising, they are relatively small compared to BTC Index gains. From the 1st of January to date, Bitcoin has gained 171.97%.  In May, BTCUSD gained over 62%, being one of the most profitable months since 2017 bull run. The Index has finally recovered a huge percentage of its losses from last years bloodbath, with bulls confident that there is more room for growth.

These figures have placed crypto assets in a class of their own. Not only Bitcoin, but various altcoins are some of the best-performing assets of the year. Among the most outstanding ones are Ethereum 78.65%, BAT 159.71%, Ontology 140.11%, EOS 140,79% and Litecoin 322.05%.

In the crypto space, large-cap crypto assets have outperformed small-capitalisation companies substantially, however, the gains of those small caps cryptos are even better than many financial instruments offered by the most recognised investment banks.

Doing the math, it’s quite clear where investors would have profited the most had they placed their money at the beginning of the year:

  • $1,000 invested in the DAX this year, would now be worth $1,195,30 approximately.

  • $1,000 invested in the NASDAQ this year, would now be worth $1,231 approximately.

  • $1,000 invested in BTC this year, would now be worth $2,719  approximately.

  • $1,000 invested in LTC this year, would now be worth $4,220 approximately.

With blockchain adoption increasing at an incredibly fast pace and crypto enthusiasts back in the game, the parabolic movement seeing in the last couple of months can certainly continue. With investors now watching with hunger a five-figure valuation target.

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